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VRAF Gear Reduce

Delta C200


5 basic sizes, available as single and double reduction units
Input power range from 30W (.04 HP) to 5000 W (6.7 HP)
Input speeds up to 6,000 RPM
Ratio range from 3:1 to 81:1
Nominal output torque ranging from 1.0 Nm (9 in. lbs.) to 108 Nm (956 in. lbs.).

Case carburized and hard-cut helical gears (right angle has spiral bevel gear)   Smooth, quiet operation;
Input speeds up to 6000 RPM
O-Ring in piloted adaptor flange (Patent Pending) Absorbs clearance between motor and adaptor eliminating misalignment and minimizing vibration; Provides additional seal to keep contaminants out
Modular adaptor flange and keyless compressible bushings   Easily adapts to any manufacturers servo motor; 2 day shipping
Grease lubrication   Allows mounting in any position w/o modifications; 20,000 hour maintenance free operation
Contact lip seals and sealed input shaft bearing (IP64 rating)   Excellent protection against lubricant leakage and external contamination; Can be easily modified for an IP65 rating (optional epoxy or Steel-It paint available)
ACCULOK keyless locking hub   Provides tight fit with motor shaft (key is not required) without adding backlash
Oversized bearings   Exceptional output shaft overhung and thrust load capabilities
Standard, low, and precision backlash available in the same housing design   Choose only the level of precision you need for your application without having to modify your design; Housing style matches shape of servo motor
Optional output flanges   Versatility in mounting


The Able Gear Reducer is the perfect solution for servomotor applications such as packaging machines, gantries, injection molding machines, pick and place, and linear slides. Offered in concentric shaft, right angle solid shaft, and right angle hollow shaft designs with modular adaptor flanges and keyless compressible bushings to easily mount to any manufacturer's servo motor. Choose from standard backlash (< 15 arc-min), low backlash (< 5 - 10 arc-min) and precision backlash (< 3 arc-min).

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