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VRAS Gear Reducer

Delta C200


5 basic sizes, available as single and double reduction.
Input power range from 50W to 30 kW
Nominal Output Torque from 230 in-lbs to 6,600 in-lbs
Input speeds to 6000 RPM
Ratios from 3:1 through 100:1

Steel reducer body with large diameter integral ring gear   High stiffness, highest output torque
Modular motor adaptor flange and keyless compression bushings Flexibility, allowing us to match any servo
Grease lubrication   Wide temperature range, resistance to
leaks, mounts in any position
Dual opposed tapered roller bearings at the output shaft  

Extreme radial and thrust load ratings

3 arc-min standard backlash   Ultimate precision and accuracy


TAble VRAS is Shimpo's premier inline servo speed reducer, recommended for extreme duty operation. Typical applications include packaging machinery, pick-and-place for assembly operations, printing equipment, or any servo application requiring very low backlash and extreme radial and thrust load capabilities. Offered in concentric shaft, with a maximum 3 arc-min backlash rating, VRAS output torque in a given dimensional package is higher than any other Shimpo product. Output torque peaks at 19,500 in-lbs. VRAS is also your choice when switching brands, as it offers mounting dimensions consistent with several competitive models.

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