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LS Series Full Feature Heavy-Duty Type 4

Intuitive, easy-to-use, feature rich models available in 14, 23 & 40 mm resolutions and up to 1820 mm (6 ft) lengths with no dead zone. Highly visible alignment indicators and intuitive diagnostics simplify set-up and provide machine builders with additional value to meet a wide range of needs.

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LS Basic Series Heavy-Duty Type 4 for Simple Applications

Easy-to-use, cost-effective safety light screens used for machine safeguarding and offering the same rugged construction as standard LS light screens as well as many of the same user-friendly features.

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LP Series Full Feature Compact Type 4

The space saving, compact housing is ideal for smaller machines and constrained areas. Models available in 14 & 25 mm resolutions and up to 1810 mm (5.9 ft) lengths with no dead zone.

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LP Basic Series Compact Type 4 for Simple Applications

Cost-effective safety light curtains for simple applications requiring a basic feature set in a space saving, compact housing. .

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SLC4 Series Very Compact Type 4 for Simple Applications

SLC4 safety light curtains are our shortest, most compact safety light curtains. They are designed to safeguard points of access and operation on smaller production machines and similar equipment..

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14/30 Series Traditional Heavy-Duty Type 4

Models available in 14 & 30 mm resolutions and up to 2400 mm (7.9 ft) lengths in three robust housing options. Suitable for detecting fingers, hands, and ankles as well as guarding perimeters.

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Type 2 Series

Ideal for lower risk applications where the result is a minor injury. Available in a 30 mm resolution and up to 1800 mm (5.9 ft) lengths

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SGS Safety Grid System

Light grids are suited to a variety of access and long-range perimeter guarding applications. Uses 2, 3, or 4 beams to protect personnel and machinery..

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